Custom Graphic Design


A quality product must first begin with a great design. We have a full staff of talented artists ready to bring your ideas to life.

Whether your requirement is for a design on a garment, corporate logo identity, technical layouts or project related materials, we can help.

With many years of combined experience in creating artwork specifically for screenprinting, we can advise you how to maximize your design’s potential for the best possible effects in this medium. We utilize the latest graphics software proven to achieve the most attractive and printable graphics.

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If you have a creative flair and want to produce your own artwork, review our preferred file formats, tips and timesavers here >>

Or .. just bring in your ideas, samples or rough draft and let our designers turn your concept into reality.

Not Sure what you need? Need more guidance?

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Preferred File Formats


  • AI (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS vector files with all of the lettering converted to “outlines” or “curves”.
  • PDF vector files with all of the lettering converted to “outlines” or “curves”.
  • PSD (PhotoShop) please leave in layers. Resolution should be 300dpi/ppi at full-size for the best printing quality. These files are usually too large to be emailed and need to be delivered on a CD or DVD.
  • TIF & JPG Please send the best files you have.
  • DOC (Microsoft Word) & PPT (PowerPoint) are accepted but strongly discouraged. Please know that fonts and text may change because we may not have every font you have on your computer.


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